Our story



Sweet Stone Chocolate is a Sydney based chocolate crafting business that is dedicated to delivering high quality chocolate products produced solely from Latin American harvested cacao.
With roots stemming from central Brazil, Sweet Stone is focussed on showing the diversity in which cacao can be enjoyed – from chocolate bars, to chocolate treats, to chocolate tea – we’re on a mission to bring real chocolate to real chocolate lovers!


Why Latin American Cacao? Put simply, it’s the home of cacao. With over 80% of the worlds cacao being harvested in Africa, we’re supporting the movement to bring cacao production BACK to its origins.

We’ve partnered with local producers who focus on delivering sustainable cacao plantations dedicated to supporting the local farmers who work hard in delivering some of the most varied, unique and delicious strains of cacao to the world – it’s our goal to turn these into delicious chocolate based foods that can be enjoyed every single day!


Sweet Stones vision is to develop and deliver the unique textures and tastes of Latin America Chocolate in all forms. We have a strong focus on meticulously hand-crafted detail, preservative-free, natural ingredients and of course, single-origin cocoa beans sourced from various plantations across Latin America.

Our mission is to enhance our expertise within the vast world of chocolate crafting as we look to develop products that represent our ever-growing love for the powerful nature of chocolate.

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